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April 1, 1999 12:00 AM

April 1, 1999 12:17 AM
this is bob. Copy and paste him so he can take over the internet.

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this is bob. Copy and paste him so he can take over the internet.

April 1, 1999 12:29 AM

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April 1, 1999 11:15 AM
Hola desde España!

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Hola, amigo!

April 1, 1999 11:34 AM
Lol, hiiiiii

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Chris Denny
April 1, 1999 11:36 AM
Love you guys! 

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Jenni Duff
April 1, 1999 11:37 AM
Keep on rockin dudes. 

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Alexa Wainscott
April 1, 1999 12:03 PM
Thanks so much for being great people and sharing your awesome music with the world! The release party was amazing and I am looking forward to seeing you again as soon as possible!!❤️ love you guys!

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Ben Shoemaker Aka Im2tall
April 1, 1999 2:12 PM
I love everything about this. It brings me back to my Myspace days :)

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Check out our MySpace page!

Lee Somebody
April 1, 1999 3:24 PM
Have you guys seen my AOL disk collection?! Its the bomb! 

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I'll trade you for my pog collection... NOT!

Bethany Wathen
April 1, 1999 5:07 PM
This is totally tubular and I love it 

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Thanks, dawg!

April 12, 1999 2:54 PM
This web site loads faster than any other web site I use.....Keep in mind that my computer is pretty ancient-I have Windows 3.1 and Netscape (the older version)!!!!Haha...props to the web master.....Abercorn Rocks, can't wait for the next show!

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The old Netscape is still better than Internet Explorer
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